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Early years is the best time to build the right foundation. Research from the Department of Education shows that a large majority of pupils that fall behind in the early years often don't catch up. Don't let this be your child! With increasingly competitive entrance and national exams, many students benefit greatly from a little extra preparation and revision support. We have specialist tutors to help with specific entrance exams, preparing students for all the components that make up the process including interview, psychometric testing and subject specific examinations.


The Subjects We Teach

Year 5 - Year 8 (11 plus / Common Entrance)



Moving from primary school to secondary school is a big change. We can help students that need extra time that schools cannot provide, or perhaps just a little extra help to build up their confidence.  Students around this time will be placed in Maths Ability sets and this can make a huge difference to the highest grade they can aim for at their GSCE exam.


Year 7 - 9 (KS3) - Mathematics



The new GCSE structure puts a extra pressure on students to do well in exams. Our experienced tutors help students with content as well as technique. We structure revision plans for students at all national exam levels, with all exam boards, and deliver a tutoring programme in line with their academic goals.


Year 10 - 11 (GCSE Mathematics)



Building confidence in primary years is key with growing pressure on children from a young age. I run workshop to help pupils with English and Maths, whether its for Sats exams or to reinforce what is learned in school..


Primary years - English and Mathematics (Year 1 - 6)

A Level Mathematics



Available on request.