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->  Classes are run at our Tuition Centre in Winnersh.

->  After the initial assessment, I will work with you and your child to set an educational plan.

->  After Mock tests parents will be given a progress report

->  Our classes are continous throughout the school year, with a break in the school holidays

->  11 plus classes run through the summer holidays.

->  Pupils can join or leave the program at any time in the year.

->  You can join our classes on any payment plan.


Our Classes

Tuition in Wokingham support classes are an affordable solution in boosting or securing your childs current grades.




->  We provide pupils the opportunity to cover the full mathematics curriculum a second time around, in parallel to meeting it at school - thereby fully understanding and embedding the subject

->  Your child may receive insufficient individual attention at school due to large class sizes. We ensure each pupil is given individual support by having at least one teacher to FIVE or less pupils at any given time

->  Your child may not be sufficiently challenged or stimulated at school

->  Participation in a group environment encourages learning from each other - questions asked by each pupil are shared amongst the class.

->  Financial reasons - sharing the cost of tuition amongst a group means that private lessons are now accessible to everyone.


How my classes work?

Benefits of our classes


Interested in a class but on a different time or date? Then email . We are growing very fast and always adding more classes!